Lactobacillus casei | 10 billion CFU/g

Lactobacillus casei | 10 billion CFU/g

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What is Lactobacillus casei:

Lactobacillus casei, also known as L. casei, is a genus of lactic acid categorized as a heterogeneous group of non-spore-forming, gram-positive bacterium, a naturally occurring probiotic organism found in the human body, animals, as well as soil. It is commonly used as a soil amendment to help break down and remove byproducts, subsequently sterilizing the soil while suppressing disease and promoting growth regulation for fungi, yeast, and other bacteria. The process in which it breaks down organic matter is through the production of lactic acid. The method of releasing lactic acid into the soil helps to prevent energy loss from the build-up of excess heat and gas that comes from standard soil decomposition, which can cause harm to other plants. In addition, the removal of unwanted organisms allows for the support of plant life and growth. 

Appearance: Brown/yellow powder

Minimum Viable Count: 10 Billion CFU/g


  1. Keep in a cool, dry area under average temperature.
  2. Avoid sun exposure.
  3. Seal after each use.
  4. Use regularly after opening.

Shelf Life: Freshness guaranteed for 18 months in well-sealed condition and stored at or below 18 C / 64 F. Do not freeze.

Agricultural/feed grade. 

WARNING: This product is not intended for human consumption.