Guardian Arterra | Probiotic Soil Conditioner

Guardian Arterra | Probiotic Soil Conditioner

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What is Guardian Areterra?

Guardian Arterra is a concentrated soil amendment and conditioner packed with Bacillus microbes. Guardian Arterra Soil Amendment and Conditioner is ideal for high value crops and grasses. It is also an excellent all around garden amendment.

How Does Guardian Arterra Work?

Guardian Arterra Soil Amendment & Conditioner first improves the soil and then continuously maintains soil health. It promotes plant growth and the formation of natural nutrient supply systems in plants.

What are the main Ingredients in Guardian Arterra?

Bacillus subtilis, bacillus megaterium, bacillus mucilaginosus and other beneficial bacteria.

Viable count

10×109 CFU/g (Colony Forming Units)

The Proven Benefits of Guardian Arterrra

  • Promotes plant growth

  • Promotes nitrogen fixation

  • Remediates clay soil

  • Releases soil

  • Phosphate-solubilizing

  • Enhances soil fertility

  • Antibacterial & insect-resistant

How to use Guardian Arterra

For new planting seeds

Combine One Part Guardian Arterra with Ten Parts of water and mix.

Add the seeds to the mixture and stir thoroughly making sure all seeds are coated.

Keep the seeds and mixture in a cool place for 8-12 hours before planting.

For established plantings

Groove the soil around the plant base

Evenly add and spread Guardian Arterra into the groove. Use about 1 teaspoon per plant.

Cover with soil and water gently

For Melons, vegetables and tobaccos

Add a teaspoon of Guardian Arterra Soil Conditioner into the bottom of each cultivation point.

Water lightly

For transplanting

Mix one part Guardian Arterra with ten parts transplant soil. Add water and stir to a thick consistency.

Coat the roots with the combined mixture and transplant.

For vegetables, greenhouses and general crops

Mix equal amounts of Guardian Arterrra with soil, mulch or compost and apply as a fertilizer.

Applying with irrigation

Mix equal parts Guardian Arterra with sugar in water at a rate of 8 combined ounces (4 ounces Guardian Arterra and 4 ounces sugar) to one one gallon of water.

Set aside for one to two days and allow the culture to activate. Do not allow the culture to freeze or heat excessively.

After two days add the activated culture to irrigation water and, if desired, also spray the backs of the leaves or on the roots with the mixture.


500 grams per 1/2 acre

WARNING: This product is not intended for human consumption. Do not eat it.