Bacillus pumilus | 10 billion CFU/g

Bacillus pumilus | 10 billion CFU/g

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What is Bacillus pumilus?

Bacillus pumilus is a pathogen-derived from ginger and is often used as an active ingredient in fungicides. The growth of B. pumilus prevents Rhizoctonia and Fusarium spores from growing and germinating on the roots of plants. Thus, the use of B. pumilus helps improve crop yield, growth, and the conditions in which crops are grown. 

Appearance: Brown/yellow powder

Minimum Viable Count: 10 Billion CFU/g


  1. Keep the product in a cool, dry place under average temperature.
  2. Avoid sun exposure.
  3. Seal after each use.
  4. Use regularly after opening.

Shelf Life: Freshness guaranteed for 18 months in well-sealed condition and stored at or below 18 C / 64 F. Do not freeze.

Agricultural/feed grade. 

Warning: This product is not intended for human consumption.