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  • Guardian probiotic Sludge Remover decomposes detritus  and excreta;
  • Adsorbs and degrades the harmful substances like the hydrogen sulfide, the nitrite, the ammonia nitrogen and ;
  • Neutralizes the fish' smell and takes under control the trade of worsening and rotting;
  • Guardian probiotic Sludge Remover also inhibits the breeding of the bacteria and parasites;
  • Effectively adjusts the quality of the water, cleaning water;
  • Neutralizes the viscous feel of the water;
  • Avoids poisoning of the fish and shrimps caused by the harmful algae, red tide, toxic algae and other chemical
  • Meanwhile Guardian probiotic Pond Sludge Remover effectively  prevents   the happening of the fish' and shrimps' diseases;
  • Prevents anorexia
  • Avoids death before or after suddenly changing weather like strong wind, rainstorms.


Compound living bacteria, adsorbent, macromolecule polymer, oxygen increasing agent. Viable count is 2×109 CFU/g


Light red granules.


Directly scatter Guardian probiotic Pond Sludge Remover evenly over the entire surface area at a rate of 5 to 6 mu ( that is about 3,333.35 to 4,000.02 square meters), or over the area of 3 to 4 mu (that is about 2,000.01 to 2,666.68 square meters) per bag for deeper and aged ponds. If water quality is seriously worse, More AquaPoint Pond Sludge Remover  can be used more according to the actual condition.


  • Keep cool and dry under normal temperatures. Do not freeze or expose to extreme temperatures. Avoid sun exposure.
  • Two years guaranteed shelf life unopened. Reseal after using. Use constantly after opening.