Guardian Probiotic Oxygen Improver

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  • Increases the DO (dissolved oxygen) last for 6 hours!




    DO Improver increases the DO (dissolved oxygen) last for 6 hours! And gives the necessary natural nutritions for pond water.



    Sodium percarbonate, slow-release cosolvent, stabilizer, synergist.




    Cylindrical white granules.





    Usage: Scatter directly into the pond.



    1. For improving water use 200g per 1000 ㎡ .
    2. For avoiding not enough oxygen in water, use 500g per 1000 ㎡
    3. For emergency treatment that aquatic animals hypoxia use 600g per 1000 ㎡ .


      • Keep cool and dry under normal temperatures. Do not freeze or expose to extreme temperatures. Avoid sun exposure.
      • Two years guaranteed shelf life unopened. Reseal after using. Use constantly after opening.