Guardian Probiotic Denitrifying Bacteria

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    • Viable count & Other analysis
    • Viable count ≥  8×109 CFU/g; 10×109 CFU/g
    • Fineness:  60-80 mesh screen
    • Moisture: 10 Max
    • Character
    • Grey white powder
    • Application
    • Aquariums, Aquaculture and waste water treatment.
    • Biological feature
    • Denitrifying bacteria are mostly heterotrophic, facultative and anaerobic such as bacillus and szulgai. They use oxygen in nitric acid under anaerobic conditions to oxidize organic waste. Denitrifying bacteria are widely found living in soil, manure and waste water.
    • Principle
    • They convert the nitrate nitrogen into nitrogen volatilizing it to the air. Its function is not completely opposite of the nitrifying bacteria`s.
    • Main function
    • Dissolve the nitrate nitrogen found in water and soil.


          • Keep cool and dry under normal temperatures. Do not freeze or expose to extreme temperatures. Avoid sun exposure.
          • Two years guaranteed shelf life unopened. Reseal after using. Use constantly after opening.